Indiana Recovery Network, a program of Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI) has created Regional Recovery Hubs distributed geographically around the state. These Hubs will expand our ability to connect Hoosiers with mental health and substance use disorders to treatment and recovery supports through Certified Peer Recovery Coaches, Community Health Workers, and Certified Recovery Specialists. These Regional Recovery Hubs will be able to assist individuals with substance use disorder, regardless of where someone is in their recovery journey.


  • Develop relationships through community outreach
  • Focus on populations such as DOC, Justice Systems, OTPS, MAT providers, domestic violence survivor organizations, individuals experiencing homelessness, etc.


  • The RRH project is community based, meaning services are not tied to a specific provider. This ensures that individuals can continue to engage with peer supports without restraints.
  • Peers can refer individuals to detox, treatment, transitional housing, recovery residences, RCOS, RECS, food pantries, etc.