Having relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship, love, and hope.


ICJI: Behavioral Health

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute works in partnership with state and local agencies to reduce the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and addiction among children and adults in Indiana.

    Local Coordinating Councils

    Each county has a Local Coordinating Council (LCC), which is the planning and coordinating body for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. Members include volunteers from a variety of organizations including education, treatment, social services, and local police.

    Indiana Community-Based Support Resources

    This guide is intended to make information about community-based support services readily available to the general public. (Last updated December 2017)

Recovery Community Organizations

Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) are created by individuals and/or families in recovery to provide supports and services that are often unmet within their communities while decreasing the feelings of isolation and shame often experienced by people and families in recovery. There are three core principles that RCOs encompass: recovery vision, authenticity of voice, and accountability to the recovery community. Majority of the board members (more than 50%) in an RCO must be in recovery.

Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS)

Indiana Association of Peer Recovery Support Services (IAPRSS) is a membership association for both advocates and trained or certified peer support professionals.

Recovery Support Groups

Find Recovery Support Groups, include all pathways to recovery.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

A ROSC is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that is person-centered and builds on the strengths and resiliencies of individuals, families, and communities to achieve abstinence and improved health, wellness, and quality of life for those with or at risk of alcohol and drug problems.

Indiana Youth Group

Indiana Youth Group (IYG) strives to provide safer spaces to build self-confidence, explore individualism, and develop friendships within the LGBTQ+ community. IYG promotes a space of acceptance, equity, and restorative practices.


Directory of Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, and non-profit organizations committed to fighting hunger.

ISDH: Common Definitions and Acronyms


Glossary of Substance Use Disorder Terminology


Information Resources to support recovery

Organized according to SAMHSA's four major dimensions of recovery support.