About us: Indiana Recovery Network

About us: Indiana Recovery Network

Indiana Recovery Network (IRN) is Indiana’s Recovery Hub, and aims to bridge gaps in services and engagement throughout the state to ensure that recovery support and services are accessible to all individuals.

Recognizing the need for a statewide collaboration between organizations and individuals who are building and maintaining recovery resources for those who are seeking or are in recovery, the Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition (IAIC) has created the Indiana Recovery Network (IRN). IRN is Indiana’s Recovery Hub, removing barriers to accessing sustainable recovery services, information and resources.

IRN has been specifically designed for the use of (i) recovery community organizations and resources, to make their day-to-day work in helping those who are seeking or are in recovery more efficient and effective through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and collaboration statewide,(ii) individuals seeking recovery support services, to help them navigate the options, and (iii) parties involved in the public health, the community or family services to further engage with and support the recovery community.

For individuals seeking or in recovery, IRN provides:

  • Information resources to help in every stage of recovery
  • Direct contact to a Peer Recovery Resource
  • Ability to search and connect to Recovery Organizations, Centers and Resources

For Recovery Organizations, Centers and Resources, IRN enables:

  • Information sharing (documents, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Connecting with “helping hands” in the community, around areas of expertise
  • Conversations around key topics of interest
  • Collaboration services, including groups and direct member messaging