Indiana District Resilience and Emotional Support Teams (REST) COVID-19 Resource/Services Exchange

Indiana District Resilience and Emotional Support Teams (REST) provide resources and deliver psychological support to individuals impacted by a crisis incident or event. REST primarily provides Psychological first-aid, responder resilience training and support, and referral to individuals for local resources for psychosocial needs. 

This statewide RESOURCE/SERVICE EXCHANGE listserv was created to facilitate communication of statewide COVID19 resources available among the districts (i.e. social services, mental health, food banks, family assistance center sites) as well as to provide a platform to post/share the “realtime” unmet needs/gaps being encountered so that the listserv community can be aware/assist/collaborate in furthering statewide service and support provision. 

All service providers in the state are encouraged to subscribe and share with organizational colleagues and volunteers working with Indiana COVID19 response and recovery.


  • Humanitarian Disaster Institute: COVID-19 Mental Health Handbook. Our new Mental Health Handbook covers a range of topics that live at the intersection of COVID-19 and mental health. This resource brings to attention the myriad mental health needs COVID-19 has brought to the surface while also suggesting ways to cope, move forward, and become more resilient. Explore some of the most important and recent research and insights from great researchers around the world.
  • Humanitarian Disaster Institute: NEW Spiritual First Aid Online Training & Certificate Course. At the Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI), our mission has always been to help the church prepare and care for a disaster-filled world. As the pandemic wears on, the spiritual and emotional needs around us are great—and growing. The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional psychologist to offer support that makes a difference. Our new online Spiritual First Aid training and certificate course is designed to help you offer virtual peer-to-peer spiritual and emotional support during COVID-19 and other disasters. It draws on 15 years of research and is designed for lay leaders, church leaders, first responders, and anyone who would like to provide support to those who are struggling during the pandemic.
  • DHHS, ASPR: Emergency Responder Self-Care Plan: Behavioral Health PPE. Taking care of oneself is difficult during a pandemic, where responders experience additional stressors related to home and personal circumstances as well as those brought on by challenging mission demands. This fillable form includes steps people can take to stay healthy and fit for duty while caring for others. The form can be completed before each mission/event and keep handy to help apply coping strategies when things get tough.
  • American Psychiatric Foundation, Center for Workplace Mental Health: A TOP PRIORITY: Employee Mental Health & Well-being During & Beyond COVID-19. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, our nation is experiencing a surge in people showing signs of depression, anxiety, and other serious mental health distress. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows nearly a tripling of people experiencing signs of depression and anxiety.
  • Indiana launches Be Well Crisis Helpline to support Hoosiers during COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration today announced the launch of the Be Well Crisis Helpline, a confidential resource available through Indiana 211 that will allow Hoosiers to call and speak with a trained counselor 24/7.
  • WHO: Basic Psychosocial Skills: A Guide for COVID-19 Responders. This Guide aims to help orient people supporting the COVID-19 response to integrate psychosocial support skills into their daily work, thereby making a difference to the well-being of people they come into contact with during the pandemic.
  • From the American Red Cross: If you’ve lost a loved one due to #COVID19, our hearts are with you. This Virtual Family Assistance Center offers information and resources that we hope will help you during this time: